We Started from a Roofing Company

Genesis Contractor Solutions: The Leading Capital & Operational Consulting Firm

Genesis Contractor Solutions (GCS) is revolutionizing the way the restoration and roofing industry facilitates cash flow. Founded in 2014, GCS offers funding and accounts receivable management services to construction companies, restoration and roofing contractors in the insurance restoration industry. Our growing team consists of people from all walks in the contracting business, and they collectively enjoy more than 120 years experience in contracting.

By providing monetary resources and innovative technology, we stabilize contractors in a volatile industry and help grow and scale companies to achieve greater efficiency and profits.

GCS is not a short-term lender or credit check decision maker. We partner with our contractors to be a part of their growth and ultimate success – we give our time, expertise and trust. We build strong, honest and transparent relationships in order to avoid funding issues and guarantee success to all our contractors. We offer our contractors complete back end administrative help along with unlimited credit lines at top suppliers so they can concentrate on stability and growth.

Genesis Contractor Solutions Helps You Scale Your Business

We handle all the administrative work that stalls contractors including collecting, invoicing, and supplementing. Genesis Contractor Solutions (GCS) provides capital and operational help for Roofing, Restoration and Construction Companies in the insurance industry.

Genesis Contractor Solutions Funds Your Receivables

Genesis Contractor Solutions takes the wait out of receiving a check from the insurance company or the mortgage company, which can be a 45-day to 120-day process. We manage all receivables, collections from the customers and the insurance companies. Call us today at (970) 236-2009 to learn more!


Global Team. World Class Results.

Jeff Posey


Jeff Posey, CEO and Founder of Genesis Capital Ventures, has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, as both a developer and contractor, including 10+ years of experience specializing in the roofing, solar and restoration industries.

In 2013, Posey negotiated disposition of his multi-million dollar organization based in Colorado.  With the financial savvy and expertise as a contractor, entrepreneur, business owner, and financial consultant, Jeff knows first-hand the obstacles that Roofing and Restoration Contractors must overcome to maintain, grow and operate their businesses. With his vast experience in the construction industry, owning and operating his own businesses, managing restoration work ranging from high-rises to historical building restoration, to designing and building Smart Growth Communities, Jeff has built a reputation for exceeding his clients’ expectations and for being a generous and respected member of the community. He has made it his life’s work to find a way to combine his passion for business with his passion for helping others.

Jeff is also the founder of RoofScamHelp.org to bring back integrity, honesty and quality workmanship to the roofing industry, serve as a check and balance for roofers, insurance companies and consumers, and help educate consumers on how to avoid problems or how to fight back when problems occur. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Alabama.

Dean Larry


Chief Operating Officer

Dean Larry has over 30 years of operating and financial experience, in both the public and private sectors. Having joined Genesis Capital Ventures at its inception, he has participated in all phases of start-up operations and systems implementation. During his career, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller entrepreneurial ventures, both as an employee and as an owner. An experienced leader and operator, he has also designed and implemented the operating and financial programs and controls necessary to operate and scale a company. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Finance, he received his MBA from the University of Tulsa.

Benjamin Leblanc


Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Ben oversees all day-to-day operations at Genesis Capital Ventures (GCV) and also plays a significant role in the development and growth of the company. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He takes pride in solving problems and developing business processes. Prior to joining GCV, Ben worked in strategic business development, streamlining operations, and maintaining analytical data at several companies.

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University, during which time he interned with Harvard University’s Athletic Department. Following his internship, he earned an MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, his hometown.

Being passionate about the mountains, a move to Colorado was a natural fit. Ben now lives in Basalt with his wife and their two dogs and cat. He enjoys spending his free time in the great outdoors – hiking, biking, fly fishing, and camping.

Genesis Capital Ventures Family


Linda Larry, Senior Underwriter
Gabe Martinez, Accounts Receivables Manager 
Haley Martin, Executive Assistant to the COO