Contractor Insurance Claim Funding

Funding in Under 48 Hours


We Provide Funding in UNDER 48 HOURS! Learn more and call us at (970) 236-2009!



Eliminate Administrative Costs

Administrative Relief

We Take Care of the Invoicing, So Your Staff Can Focus On What You Do Best- Generating More Business!

Operate Debt Free

Debt Free

Why Borrow Money When You Can Use Your Own? Debt Free!


Grow Your Business with Our Platinum Receivable Management Program!

  • Increase Profits by an Average of 20% On Every Insurance Loss Sheet Before Install
  • Fund The Approved Supplement; Depreciation 48 Hours After Completed Install
  • Increase Credit Lines with Banks and Suppliers By Paying Early & On Time
  • Retain Salespeople Due to Faster Commission & Pay Increased Commission
  • Create More Sales With Increased Cash Flow
Why step over a dollar to save a dime? Don’t leave money sitting on the table when you can move ahead and scale your business. We provide cashflow within 48 hours. We provide unlimited supplier credit lines. We help you utilize the money in your Accounts Receivables to grow your company. With funding from Genesis Contractor Solutions, you can scale your company faster, buy leads, increase lead generation, maximize your sales team, hire, expand, and increase profits.
We handle all the administrative work that bogs contractors down including collecting, invoicing, and supplementing. Genesis Contractor Solutions is a One-Stop Financial Solutions Firm that handles all the details of accounts receivables for Restoration, Roofing, and Construction Companies in the insurance restoration industry.