Genesis Contractor Solutions Revolutionizing The Way The Roofing And Restoration Industries Facilitate Cash Flow

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Superb Crew is a business news website covering innovative technology and internet companies. They recently reached out to Jeff Posey to learn more about the recent technology launch of Beanstalk Solutions, a custom-built app for roofing contractors.

Started by a roofing contractor for roofing contractors, Genesis Contractor Solutions (GCS) is revolutionizing the way the roofing and restoration industries facilitate cash flow. To find out more about the company we sat down with Jeff Posey, CEO at Genesis Contractor Solutions:

Jeff Posey

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Genesis Contractor Solutions?

A: GCS is a cutting-edge solution for alleviating cash flow obstacles. Genesis Contractor Solutions is NOT a short-term lender nor credit check decision maker. We partner with roofing and restoration contractors to be a part of their growth and ultimate success, helping them operate debt-free. We offer knowledge, expertise, wisdom and now CRM technology to build strong, honest and transparent relationships in order to guarantee the success of all our contractors. GCS provides 48-hour funding and complete back-end administrative help along with unlimited material credit lines and discounts through top suppliers. Comprehensive claims management allows contractors to focus on selling and producing while letting GCS take care of the rest to maximize claims and exceed the expectations of homeowners.


Q: What exactly do you do?

A: Genesis Contractor Solutions (GCS) provides 48-hour funding to contractors for insurance claims in the roofing and restoration industry. Genesis also offers funding on commercial projects opening up opportunities for smaller contractors. GCS offers unlimited capital for purchasing materials. Our services help to create positive cash flow for clients to help their businesses grow faster. GCS also offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) focused on assisting contractors to manage their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. As 3rd party claims administrators, we are comprised of educated, accredited experts with over 120 years of combined experience working with the Roofing, Restoration & Construction Industries. GCS removes the hassle for clients by managing claims from start to finish. Automation and technology enable specialization in estimating, claim management, insurance billing, file management, funding, advocacy, and consulting.

Q: You’ve recently launched a custom CRM for the Roofing and Restoration industry; could you tell us something more?

A: GCS is the only fintech company that offers a CRM for customers to manage their businesses. From within Beanstalk CRM, called Beanstalk Solutions, contractors can actually request and obtain the capital they need to keep their businesses growing. They can access unlimited lines of credit for materials, saving time and money. Employee retention is increased when payroll is met on time week after week. Roofers who embrace Beanstalk CRM are catapulting ahead of their competition who are stuck using archaic practices. In addition to leads, project management, and billing, it is centralized and automated for managing every aspect of your business. Additionally, its reporting capabilities give owners a clear picture of the state of their business at any time and from any Smartphone. It’s truly a way to measure your business by the numbers on a daily basis.

Q: What are the main features of Beanstalk Roofing & Restoration CRM?


Request Funding
With the push of a button, contractors may request funding for their insurance-based jobs, breaking down barriers to growth and stability.

Unlock Unlimited Credit Lines
Order Materials without credit limits, allowing the contractor to never slow production and grow exponentially.

Retain Good People

Alleviating cash flow issues allows the owner to pay his salespeople faster, properly incentivizing them to sell more.

Increase Sales
Organize and track your leads in a way that forces efficiency, never allowing for overlooked leads or lost sales.

Manage Projects Efficiently
Job boards, information tracking, notes, reminders and more. Help keep projects organized and jobs on schedule.

Drive Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
Homeowners recognize and appreciate the professionalism, communication and on-time completion, increasing the likelihood of future projects and referrals.

Real-time Project Dashboard
An easy-to-read snapshot of your daily business activities and sales scoreboard. It drives company competition which in turn drives revenue.

Managing by the numbers increases revenue, aids in communication, helps recognize problems sooner and eliminates confusion.

Tracking By
Salesperson, Project, Numbers – Care to know your best performers, their stats, their whereabouts and more? Use tracking to inform hiring, firing, and expectations.

Comprehensive Claims Management
Increase profit by having your claim built the right way, eliminating errors, saving time and allowing for scalability.


Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Beanstalk Solutions CRM powered by Genesis Contractor Solutions will continue to trailblaze in the roofing and restoration industry using technology and automation. The success of our contractors will raise the bar and leave others fighting to survive. We continue to build and maximize partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers in order to support their growth as well. We’ll be continuously adding API integrations with other service providers allowing contractors to successfully run their businesses all from one place. Our goal is to continue crashing through the barriers that have prevented contractors from growing. Contractors who use Beanstalk CRM can’t help but be successful while delighting their customers, the homeowners, in the process.