It’s no mistake that we have two ears and only one mouth!

Jay Mays’ intelligence is out-weighed only by his ability to make us laugh! Or maybe it’s the reverse, but either way, what a treat it was to have him visit our office on Thursday afternoon. While most employees begrudgingly attended what stared at them from their Outlook calendars as a 2 hour training commitment, it didn’t take long for them to crack a smile, embrace Jay and relish the experience as it unfolded.

Right from the start, Pitchlab’s engagement with Genesis Contractor Solutions fostered a valuable Team Building experience. For a company who works as long and hard as we do, we don’t typically take normal business hours to interact with each other and practice life skills. In a fun and disarming way, Jay had us all on our feet, talking, laughing and not sneaking glances of our phones. And that includes the Millennials too!

Team members enjoy a giggle while practicing their story-telling skills.

Active listening and dramatic pauses immediately increase the value of your conversations. And public speaking occurs whether you are in front of many people or even just one. As we strive to provide excellent customer service, the skills Jay taught us will help in both our personal and professional lives. In person, over the phone, in meetings, even over email, Jay gave us ideas and suggestions about how to be more vulnerable, more authentic, more visible…all culminating in an over-arching goal, to be more ENGAGING.

Here are some Pro Tips we’ve already started using…

  • Vulnerability (and authenticity) builds trust and connection.
    There’s nothing funny about a confident person who’s doing well…No vulnerability or mistakes.
  • Levity is brevity. Keep setup brief.
    Too many details detract from your key hook and can cause you to quickly lose your audience.
  • Leverage story linking and the value of a “Segue.”
    Keep notes on what is interesting and relevant in your personal life that you could leverage to not only BE relatable, but also to relate it to your Sales Pitch?

    “No, seriously boss, we’re in a TRAINING session.” Jay Mays explains the value of brevity.

    As the ‘Butterfly Whisperer’ we can’t thank Jay enough for taking the time to pass along his expertise. Channeling nerves into excitement, pausing at appropriate and even dramatic times and being sure to actively listen will no doubt improve our customers’ experiences and our very own.

    For more about Jay and his services, run, don’t walk to