Genesis Contractor Solutions Provides Funding for Contractors in the Roofing and Restoration Industries

Plain and simple: we provide the working capital needed to grow your business. And, we do not take one percent of your company. There are no sharks here. If you want to grow, we can get you there in a hurry.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from start-up contractors to multi-million dollar companies. Many companies we’ve worked with can’t get over the $3M hurdle. Even more cannot break through the $1.5M barrier. When you sign up with Genesis Contractor Solutions, we’re able to come along side of you as a trusted partner to facilitate your progression through the big walls of growth. GCS’ concept originated from a roofing company that went from zero to more than $50M.

We Also Take Care of Much of Your Back-office Headaches!

We remove much of your administration burden. For example, we remove the “collections” hassle from you by purchasing insurance construction project receivables. We deal with the mortgage companies too. With our Platinum program, we provide a full array of services that allow you to focus on selling and delivering the work.

And, We GCS Provides Supplements to Grow the Project Size! 

GCS has a sister company called PinPoint Claims. PinPoint files and negotiates supplements. On average, we see more than a 28% increase in the project size. 

Plus, Enjoy Materials Purchasing Like You Have Never Seen

Most contractors are small in the eyes of the manufacturers and suppliers. There is little economy of scale to your purchasing power, and credit limits keep you down anyway.

GCS sells materials. And, we aggregate our buying power to bring you pricing that only the big guys enjoy. We encourage you to ask about the pricing we can provide – and without any credit ceilings.


“When we first saw you we wondered actually if it was too good to be true.When you think about it, the discounts that you offer on the materials for one, but then being able to take away that headache of those depreciation checks and that we can get our cash within forty-eight hours and move on to the next job.

Shawn Williams

Co-Owner @ Claims Pro Restoration

The biggest thing with us partnering with Genesis is not having to chase checks around, not having to deal with mortgage companies, or all that back end stuff… Genesis can take care of that for us and they do better than we do. I can spend more time with the customer, more time with my guys, and ultimately more time with my family.

Thaddaeus Biediger

Premier Roofing & Contracting



384 Inverness Parkway
Englewood, CO 80112


(970) 236-2009


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